Malvastrum bicuspidatum (S. Wats.) Rose
Family: Malvaceae
shrubby false mallow,  more...
[Malvastrum tricuspidatum var. bicuspidatum S. Wats.]
Malvastrum bicuspidatum image
Mihai Costea  
Plant: subshrub; to 1.5 m tall, the stems stellate-pubescent Leaves: ovate, serrate, 2-6 cm long, stellate-pubescent INFLORESCENCE: an interrupted terminal raceme; bracts of involucel lanceolate, 4-6 mm long Flowers: calyx 6-8 mm long; petals 6-8 mm long; staminal column pubescent; styles 9-12. Fruit: FRUITS 6-7 mm diameter, pale rose, drying brown; mericarps 9-12, apically setose, laterally ribbed, dorsally with 2 cusps 1-1.5 mm long. SEEDS ca. 2 mm long Misc: Rocky slopes, grasslands; 900-1500 m (3000-5000 ft); Mar-Oct REFERENCES: Fryxell, Paul A. 1994. Malvaceae. J. Ariz. - Nev. Acad. Sci. Volume 27(2), 222-236.